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GBV Crisis Line 5600



About GBV Crisis Line 5600

GBV Crisis 5600 is a 24-Hour Helpline service that provides counselling and support services for all Gender Based Violence related issues, including domestic violence, child marriages, forced child marriages, legal support services, referrals, and human trafficking. The helpline system is linked to an Online Service provider directory, which enables facilitators to make the necessary and prompt referrals. In addition to this, the GBV Crisis Line is also linked to government accredited safe places for survivors of GBV and victims of Trafficking in Persons Cases.

Where is GBV Crisis Line 5600 available?

Available nationwide in Malawi

Who does GBV Crisis Line 5600 support?

All topics and everyone

What languages does GBV Crisis Line 5600 support?

English and Nyanja

What can I talk to GBV Crisis Line 5600 about?

Abuse & domestic violence
Gender & sexual identity
Sexual abuse
Dementia & Alzheimers
Trauma & PTSD
School & work
Substance use
Supporting others
Grief & loss

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