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Shakti Shalini



About Shakti Shalini

Shakti Shalini was established in 1987 to respond to the survivors of gender/sexual violence. The organisation also works in the five socio-economically marginalised communities to prevent everyday forms of violence and promote grassroots feminist leadership. Shakti Shalini’s helpline number is reachable to anyone, irrespective of their gender, sexual identity, class, caste, race, disabilities, across the country who are experiencing or have experienced gender/sexual violence. Our helpline is operational between 10am to 6pm on all days, 011-24373737 and 7838957810.

Where is Shakti Shalini available?

Available in India

Who does Shakti Shalini support?


What languages does Shakti Shalini support?

Bangla, English, and Hindi

Accessibility notes

Alternative contact numbers: 7838957810 and 011-24373737 Open all days, 10:00 am to 06:00 pm

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