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SOS Silence of Suicide


About SOS Silence of Suicide

SOS Silence of Suicide provides confidential support by our freephone helpline, in person group meetings and online meetings. Our support is for children aged 12+, young people & adults who are feeling vulnerable and need someone to listen to and engage with. Someone who they can immediately trust and feel safe with - like the SOS volunteers. Our volunteers are all holders of enhanced DBS certificates and have undergone robust training in order to help you in the way you deserve.

Our support is free, although calls into our number are standard rate.

From the start, we were determined to break down the shame, stigma and silence that can prevent beneficial conversations taking place. We're kicking the proverbial 'elephant in the room' out of the room and encouraging everyone to speak out, speak loud and speak proud about how emotional health affects them.

Whether you are lonely and feeling a little low, or having thoughts of suicide, our volunteers are here for everyone to work through your situation with you, giving you the tools to move forwards with improved mental wellbeing. If you want to be treated as an individual, rather than just a caller, call SOS when you next need support and let our volunteers support you in the way you need.

Store us in your phone today under SOS. 0300 1020 505. We look forward to helping you.

Where is SOS Silence of Suicide available?

Available nationwide in United Kingdom

Who does SOS Silence of Suicide support?

All topics and everyone

What languages does SOS Silence of Suicide support?


Accessibility notes

This is a freephone number.

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