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Tithandizane National Child Helpline


About Tithandizane National Child Helpline

A 24-hour toll-free child helpline provides immediate support and assistance to children in distress or facing any kind of abuse. The child helpline is accessible and confidential for children seeking help, information, or adults who intend to report any form of child abuse. Through the child helpline, trained and experienced counsellors provide advice, emotional support and make necessary referrals to other support services if needed. The helpline prioritizes the protection and well-being of children, ensuring they have a safe space to express their concerns and access the necessary help. The child helpline is also linked to safe spaces where survivors of child abuse can access child-friendly protective custody. Just like the GBV Crisis Line, counsellors who operate the child helpline also utilize the Online Service Providers Directory to refer cases to other critical service providers. The service s also linked to protection services through Safe Places, where survivors of child abuse access temporary accommodation, food, first aid and further psychosocial support

Where is Tithandizane National Child Helpline available?

Available nationwide in Malawi

Who does Tithandizane National Child Helpline support?

Children, faith-based, adults, and youth

What languages does Tithandizane National Child Helpline support?

English and Nyanja

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