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Warmline - Wellington


About Warmline - Wellington

Peer support. Listening without judgement. Speak to someone who has lived experience of mental health distress. Our staff have a lot of empathy for callers. We can give you information about other services you may find helpful. We respect your confidentiality. Warmline was set up 15 years ago under warmline. It was in response to providing an alternative for people to reach out, rather than calling crisis numbers when they were not in crisis. We have five Warmliners who staff the phone. These people have specific training reevant to Warmline. We also have regular peer supervision. We believe it is part of some peoples recovery to have consistent support over the phone available. We choose to operate in the evening as many people report that this can be a difficult time for them. We encourage people to ring Warmline and talk to one of our caring staff. They are able to discuss a wide range of topics and have contacts they can share with you. WE are a small, bespoke service that was designed with people in the Wellington area in mind. If you have further questions about Warnline you can contact Treena Martin 027 224 4477. Check out for more information on our organisation and the values that underpin it.

Where is Warmline - Wellington available?

Available in New Zealand

Who does Warmline - Wellington support?

Warmline, everyone, and all topics

What languages does Warmline - Wellington support?


Accessibility notes

Non-crisis Line

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