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1737 Need to talk?



About 1737 Need to talk?

1737 counsellors provide free, confidential, professional support. When someone texts or calls 1737 a counsellor will work with the person to develop a care plan. This could include referral to another service, additional counselling or providing information and support. We offer the option to speak with a peer support worker. We offer brief 1:1 counselling support where we focus on one or two key things you need support for.

We are available free, 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Where is 1737 Need to talk? available?

Available nationwide in New Zealand

Who does 1737 Need to talk? support?

All topics and everyone

What languages does 1737 Need to talk? support?


Accessibility notes

When you phone 1737 you now have the option to talk to someone with lived experience of wairangi/mental distress. Alternative phone number: 0800 1737 1737.

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