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Project Return Peer Support Network


About Project Return Peer Support Network

Ever wish you had someone to talk to? Someone who is supportive, caring and non-judgmental? Someone who is understanding and empathetic to your feelings? The Warm Line is a non-crisis toll free line and is specifically, but not limited to, people who are coping with a mental health concern.

We are Los Angeles County’s first after-hours telephone line for individuals with mental health challenges and are staffed entirely by peers with lived experience. We are available to listen when traditional mental health services are closed.

The Warm Line supporters can also provide referrals to services or organizations that are of interest, such as healthcare facilities, mental health services, family planning agencies, shelters, self-help and support groups, and much more.

Where is Project Return Peer Support Network available?

Available in United States

Who does Project Return Peer Support Network support?

All topics and everyone

What languages does Project Return Peer Support Network support?


Accessibility notes

Area: Los Angeles; 1-888-448-4055 for Spanish

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