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Sage Centre




About Sage Centre

Step into a haven of support at Sage Centre's warm and inviting hotline. Whether you're facing substance abuse or drug addiction, or other addictions like sex, gambling, pornography, or technology, know that we're here for you. Dial our hotline, and a compassionate clinical psychologist from our outpatient center will personally guide you through understanding and recovery.

At Sage Centre, we specialize in mental health and addiction, creating a safe haven for you to share concerns and seek help. Whether you need information, guidance, or immediate assistance, our judgment-free team is ready to listen. You're not alone in this journey; let us help you navigate towards healing and recovery.

Make the call, taking that pivotal step towards a brighter, healthier future. Remember, at Sage Centre, a caring community is just a phone call away. You're not alone – let's face this journey together.

Where is Sage Centre available?

Available nationwide in Malaysia

Who does Sage Centre support?


What languages does Sage Centre support?

English and Malay

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