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婦女求助熱線 Women’s Helpline


About 婦女求助熱線 Women’s Helpline

The HKFWC's Women's Helpline is Hong Kong's first hotline for women. Since May 1981, the helpline has provided emotional support to needy callers. Trained helpline counselors, many of whom have similarly experienced trouble in their lives, respond to callers' questions on marital issues and refer them to social services. We provide Helpline Services On-the-job Training and Sharing Sessions to all counsellors. The topics include updated information on social resources and family law, case sharing, etc. Calls made outside these hours will be transferred to the social resources information system of the helpline. The HKFWC seeks to assist in identifying ways to solve their problems, develop themselves, and consequently enhance their capacity for problem-solving at times of adversity.

Where is 婦女求助熱線 Women’s Helpline available?

Available nationwide in Hong Kong

Who does 婦女求助熱線 Women’s Helpline support?


What languages does 婦女求助熱線 Women’s Helpline support?


Accessibility notes

Break time : Mon-Fri:11:30 a.m to 2:00p.m and 4:00p.m to 7:00p.m.

Illustration of a woman throwing a lifebuoy to a distressed person, symbolizing providing a lifeline for people in crisis

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