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Lifeline Foundation


About Lifeline Foundation

Lifeline Foundation, founded in 1996, is an 80G registered non-profit organisation based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Our mission is to spread awareness about mental health, break the socio-cultural stigma associated with suicide, contain the number of suicides, and offer emotional support through befriending. We are affiliated to Befrienders India, and an integral part of Befrienders Worldwide, a UK-based charity working on suicide prevention through a network of over independent emotional support centres in multiple countries all over the world.

We provide emotionally distressed individuals with an unbiased space to talk freely, confidentially and anonymously. We run dedicated tele-helplines, do outreach programs as well as provide face-to-face emotional support sessions.

Where is Lifeline Foundation available?

Available nationwide in India

Who does Lifeline Foundation support?


What languages does Lifeline Foundation support?


Accessibility notes

Additional phone number: 9163940404, +91 3340447437

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