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PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) offers free and confidential support and information by phone. We exist to...


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eheadspace is dedicated to providing free and confidential support by phone and online chat. We are here to help youth in...


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Beyond Blue offers 24/7, free, compassionate and confidential support by phone and online chat. We are here to help everyone in...


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Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians, managers, crew and music workers by the Support Act Wellbeing...


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Listening Ear provides free and confidential support and information by phone. We are here to help everyone in Australia who...


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Get support for an unexpected pregnancy or uncertainty around your pregnancy from a helpline in Australia.

If your pregnancy was unplanned or you're uncertain about it, you may be considering what to do next. Falling pregnant unexpectedly or having doubts is quite common but it can be experienced in different ways by different women. If you're battling with any of the following, help is available from one of 5 hotlines in Australia.

  • Feeling anxious about going through with the pregnancy and giving birth.
  • Feeling guilty about choosing abortion for moral or religious reasons.
  • Concerns about your relationship and whether it'll survive if you go through with the pregnancy.
  • Worried about how and whether you could raise a baby with the father.
  • Feeling scared that your partner or your parents will reject you when they find out.
  • Being concerned about whether you'd make a good parent.
  • Strong feelings of guilt and shame about wanting to end the pregnancy.
  • Anger directed toward yourself or your partner for the pregnancy.

You may have mixed emotions about your pregnancy, or your emotions may be very clear to you. Every woman's experience is unique and there's no right or wrong way to feel. Your choice is personal and it's a hundred percent yours.

Finding out you're pregnant when it wasn't planned or if you're having doubts about certain aspects can put you in a difficult position. If you're not ready to tell anyone about it, you may feel alone. However, helpine counselors and volunteers are available in Australia to offer a listening ear and zero-judgment support, no matter where you are in your decision-making process.

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