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Thunder Bay Crisis Line


About Thunder Bay Crisis Line

If you are in crisis or experiencing a mental health crisis, contact the crisis line at 346-8282 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Crisis Response Services (CRS) addresses a significant need in Thunder Bay as identified by our community agencies, partners and hospitals. Service is provided to individuals and their families experiencing a mental health/addictions crisis within the entire Northwestern Ontario region. The five components of the CRS program often work collaboratively with each other to provide the level of support needed to individuals and families across the region.

Services included are:

  • 24-hour Crisis Response Phone/Text Line
  • Mobile Crisis Response Team (MR).
  • IMPACT Team
  • Crisis Safe Beds

Where is Thunder Bay Crisis Line available?

Available in Canada

Who does Thunder Bay Crisis Line support?


What languages does Thunder Bay Crisis Line support?


Accessibility notes

District/Toll Free: 1-866-888-8988.

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