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Muktaa Mental Health Helpline


About Muktaa Mental Health Helpline

It takes courage to acknowledge you need support and reach out for it. When you do, we will be here for you. In a world where mental health struggles are often misunderstood and overlooked, our free Mental Health Helpline provides telephonic counselling with top psychologists anytime, anywhere.

We provide free, safe, anonymous and trained mental health support for people going through mental or emotional distress – over the phone. Anyone can feel free to talk to our trained psychologists about their emotions and feelings, how to manage them more effectively and prevent them from overwhelming you.

You Don't Need a "Big Reason" to Reach Out To Us. A few (of many) very good reasons to talk to us are Suicidal Thoughts, Uncontrollable Anger, Relationship Issues, Sexual Concerns, Family & Relatives, Peers & Friendships, Academics & Career, Sadness & Depression, Gender & Sexuality, and Anxiety & Stress.

The Muktaa Charitable Foundation tele-psychologists' team has been specially trained to handle concerns of people from all walks of life regarding: Career Elders Peers and Friendships Relationships and Sexual Intimacy Family and Societal Pressure Substance Use Domestic or Sexual Abuse or Violence Intense Emotions Self Image and Esteem Communication Gender and sexuality Loss and Grief Self harm Work Life struggles Suicidal Tendencies Serious Mental Health Struggles, among others.

Backed by over 15 years of experience in running successful helplines, Muktaa Charitable Foundation is a registered non-profit that has been at the forefront of social welfare initiatives for HIV/AIDS, mental health, addiction, sexual health awareness, gender sensitisation, and life skill education. MCF has made a significant impact on the lives of individuals and communities that has earned us recognition and support, including 80G and CSR status, as well as an FCRA licence in the process of being renewed.

Where is Muktaa Mental Health Helpline available?

Available nationwide in India

Who does Muktaa Mental Health Helpline support?

All topics, everyone, and warmline

What languages does Muktaa Mental Health Helpline support?

English, Hindi, and Marathi

Accessibility notes

In case you are unable to connect to the primary number, you can reach us on 080-69267931. Our helpline counselling is completely free. Your telecom operator might levy call charges. In case you are unable to pay the telecom charges, you can request a callback from us via the IVR or by requesting the counsellor who you are connected with.

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