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香港撒瑪利亞防止自殺會 24 小時情緒支援熱線(廣東話)The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong 24-Hour Emotional Support Hotline (Cantonese)
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本會的 24 小時情緒支援熱線,是由 1960 年創辦時被外界稱為「生命線」的電話熱線發展而成,熱線由成立至今一直由一群熱心義工提供服務,讓任何感到絕望無助、有情緒困擾或自殺意圖的人士,都可致電 2389 2222 的 24...

+852-2389 2222


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撒瑪利亞會是一個義工主導、獨立、非宗教的組織,於1974年在香港成立,旨在為感到絕望和有自殺念頭的人們提供情緒支援。 我們相信,能被傾聽意味著生與死的區別。 我們的核心服務是 24/7/365...


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向晴热线Caritas-Hong Kong Family Crisis Support Centre Crisis Hotline offers 24/7, free and confidential support and information by...


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English Emotional Support Hotline is dedicated to providing free and confidential support and information by phone and online...


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Battling to come to grips with a physical illness? Get support from a free hotline in Hong Kong

Everything changes when you’re diagnosed with a serious, chronic or life-threatening physical illness. Coping with your new reality can be challenging, especially when you feel isolated or alone. You are valued. There are 4 helplines in Hong Kong where you can confide in volunteers or counselors for support when you feel:

  • That you are powerless, hopeless or burdensome.
  • Regret or shame about what you may have done to cause or deserve your illness.
  • Isolated from those who don’t comprehend your discomfort or the seriousness of your condition.
  • Anger and disbelief about your diagnosis, and constantly asking yourself, “why me?”
  • Worry that you are a burden and no longer as active or capable as before.
  • Worried about how you’ll look after your family when you are sick, you lose your job, or become disabled.
  • Cut off from your family and friends who cannot understand what you are going through.
  • Afraid about the uncertainty of life and the pain you may feel from your symptoms.

Hospital visits, pain and disability can take an overwhelming toll on your emotions. Medication and prolonged periods of stress can make it hard to function and think clearly from day to day. You may feel isolated, burdensome and unable to cope.

You have the potential to face physical illness with grace and resilience. To do so, you need to nurture your mental and emotional wellbeing. You can start by confiding in someone in Hong Kong who understands how deeply medical distress can affect your mental health. Reaching for support does not make you weak, helpless or incapable – it just means you’re human.

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